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Aplayr is a candidate selection platform specifically designed to help you hire top sales talent better, faster.

Sales hiring is harder than ever

It’s not just you. Hiring top sales talent is harder than ever. In fact the Manpower Annual Talent Survey consistently ranks sales reps ahead of software developers and data scientists as the hardest roles to fill.


Average days to fill an AE position


Average sales team turnover


Cost of a B2B Sales Rep mishire

It takes time to fill roles

It takes 45 to 120 days on average to fill a B2B account executive role. Every day spent without filling the role amounts to over $4000 in lost revenue for an AE with a $1M quota. Hiring fast and keeping pace with your sales hiring goals can mean the difference between exceeding or missing your revenue goals.

Mishires are expensive

Hiring the wrong salesperson is a $2 Million mistake for an average B2B sales team. That number can be as high as $7 Million for top Tech companies. Scary numbers, considering the industry attrition rate is 34%.

And competition is fierce

Enterprise Account Executives are #2 overall on Linkedin’s Most Recruited Jobs Report. Even in the Tech sector, sales has leapfrogged software developers and data scientists for the most in-demand roles with Account Executives in the #1 position and Sales Development Reps sitting at #3.

Current methods are not delivering results

Tools and processes that work for other positions are not delivering results for Sales. Increased spending on sales productivity and onboarding are not a fix for bad sales hiring practices.


Sales leaders that don't have the talent they need

18 months

Average tenure of sales hires


Average percentage of sales hires making quota

Aplayr is here to help

The success of every sales organization comes down to its people. We started Aplayr with a single puspose in mind: helping B2B companies hire top sales talent better, faster.

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Drive Performance and Results

Reduce Time to Hire

Aplayr uses AI and automation to speed up the sales hiring process while providing an experience sales managers, recruiters and candidates will love.

Improve Quality of Hire

The top 30% of sales people typically account for 70% of revenue. What could you do with more of them? Make every hire an A-player.

Exceed Revenue Goals

Quality, speed and consistency are critical when building out a winning sales org. Aplayr helps you hire the team of rockstars you need to exceed your revenue goals.

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