Make every hire an A-player

Create a consistent hiring bar and scale your sales team rapidly without sacrificing quality.


Better sales hiring, based on science and data

Build an ideal candidate profile

No lengthy job descriptions needed. Let Aplayr know what you are looking for by building a profile for your ideal sales hire. Just answer a few basic questions about qualifications and the parameters of the role in under 5mn.

Candidates submit an Aplayr profile

Resumes and LinkedIn profiles don’t tell sales managers and recruiters what they need to know. Candidates apply for the role by submitting an Aplayr profile which is designed specifically to provide relevant information about their past sales experience. If you have other sales roles for which they are the right profile or a better match, candidates will be automatically encouraged to apply for those roles also.

Aplayr automatically ranks candidates for you

Say goodbye to the laborious manual process of sifting through sackfuls of resumes. Aplayr will automate the initial screening process by ranking all of your candidates automatically based on how close of a match they are to the ideal profile you defined. This is done on a name-blind basis without taking into account a salesperson’s gender, race, age or socioeconomic background giving everyone an opportunity to shine without bias.

Ensure candidates have the right Sales DNA

Aplayr uncovers the ideal Sales DNA for your team, then scientifically measures dozens of unique attributes about a candidate's personality, behavioral traits and emotional intelligence. Those attributes are used to put together a profile for each candidate which can be compared to top performers, your overall sales organization or even assess whether they are the right match with their hiring manager.

Assess specific sales skills with built in modules

You can have a rep who looks great on paper, says all the right things during the interview process, but when it comes to the daily work, they can’t make a sale. Ensuring candidates are familiar with your sales process reduces ramp-up time and your risk of making a bad hire. Aplayr lets you choose from a variety of pre-built sales specific skills assessments, simulation tests and work assignments that are easy to setup and customize.

Optimize over time

As more and more candidates go through the process, Aplayr collects data and identifies patterns of success based on what can be learned from the profile, Sales DNA and skill set of successful sales hires and top performers. The data helps hiring teams understand the unique success profile for a given role and reduce the odds of a mishire. Aplayr will intelligently offer recommendations or suggest specific areas to focus on to help make better decisions.

Sales DNA assessment


Get your top performers
to take the Sales DNA assessment. It scientifically measures dozens of unique attributes about their personality, behavioral traits and emotional intelligence.

Matching Algorithm

Our proprietary algorithm leverages the data to build a success profile backed by decades of research in I/O psychology and sales industry data.


Once shortlisted for job-fit, candidates take the same assessment by answering a series of questions in under 15mn. Aplayr builds a unique profile for each candidate and compares them to the success profile for the role.

Seamless ATS Integration

Aplayr is system-agnostic and easy to plug-and-play for a seamless workflow across systems.

Ready to tranform your sales hiring?

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